Local Homelessness

The potential for eviction within our area of operation is high, particularly in Stevenage. Data published in 2014 by the homelessness charity Shelter, based on 2013-14 figures from the Ministry of Justice, indicate Stevenage to be in the highest 20% for possessions in England. North Herts was in the second highest 20%. In  the table below, the worst local authority would be ranked as 1.

Local authority


Number of landlord and mortgage possession claims


East of England ranking


National ranking


Stevenage 1 in 67 3 30
North Herts 1 in 112 17 114


East of England ranking out of 47 local authorities
National ranking out of 325 local authorities

Another measure which is likely to correlate to the risk of homelessness is the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) published by the Department for Communities and Local Government. Based on the most recent  figures (2010),  Stevenage has an average value of 16.9, the highest in Hertfordshire, and a maximum ward index of 42.2. This is compared to other local authority areas in Hertfordshire in the Table below. Note that a higher IMD indicates a greater level of deprivation.

Local Authority Average IMD Range IMD
Stevenage 16.9 2.7 - 42.2
North Hertfordshire 10.8 1.7 - 36.6
St Albans 7.8 1.2 - 29.7
Watford 15.3 1.4 - 31.6
East Hertfordshire (includes Hertford) 7.9 1.5 - 26.0
Welwyn and Hatfield 12.5 2.0 - 34.7
Dacorum 10.8 0.9 - 28.3
Three Rivers 9.7 0.5 - 43.4
Broxbourne 14.6 3.9 - 34.7
Hertsmere 13.8 3.1 - 38.3

According to Stevenage Borough Council, the most deprived areas are estates in the central areas of Bedwell, Shephall and Pin Green. Information from the Hertfordshire Community Foundation publication "The Hidden Need" reports that Stevenage has the highest unemployment rate in Hertfordshire amongst parent and guardians. Looking at how the IMD data is broken down, Stevenage scores very poorly in terms of health and disability and adult skills and qualifications. These factors all contribute to the high risk of homelessness associated with Stevenage.

Working with other agencies, we provide emergency accommodation and support services to homeless single people in Hertfordshire.
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