The following is based on an article in the local newspaper "The Comet".

A former resident from Stevenage Haven has, through support from staff at the charity, secured a labouring job with Airey Millar working on the new hostel development project. The 52-year-old who has fought a 30 year battle with alcohol addiction, now rents a flat in  Martins’ Wood, said:

“They (Stevenage Haven) were very supportive and guided me through everything. It was a very nice place to live because it felt like a real home. I got a lot of encouragement from the staff and I have restarted my career by going back into building again. It just shows you what drink does to you. I was drinking for 30 years and lost everything. I didn’t see my son for 17 years and my time there has enabled me to slowly start rebuilding these relationships. When I arrived I didn’t have much confidence because of the drink but when I left I was a completely different person and that is something that happened there. They were very positive which helped me think positively and allowed me to take a step forward.”

Barbara Howard, director of the Haven, said:

“The Haven is what it is because of the staff and volunteers and I mean that sincerely because it would be nothing without their passion and their professionalism. They are the front line and without them it wouldn’t exist.”

Working with other agencies, we provide emergency accommodation and support services to homeless single people in Hertfordshire.
Our hostels provide a lifeline to single people experiencing homelessness who are over 18 but do not fall within the statutory duty of care of local authorities.
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