Our Vision, Mission and Values




That everyone who becomes homeless has immediate access to safe accommodation and the care and support needed to transform their lives for the better.




Within this Vision, we have set out a clear Mission and associated Purposes:

Working in partnership with other agencies, we provide emergency accommodation and other support services to single people in Hertfordshire who have become homeless or are at risk of homelessness. Our aim, for every client, is that they are provided with the means to move onto a secure, settled and fulfilling life.


Our Purposes are based on our Mission and are as follows:


  • provide hostel accommodation where homeless people can find shelter, have lunch, an evening meal, bed and breakfast and facilities to wash themselves and their clothing
  • provide assistance to single homeless people seeking permanent accommodation, such as support with managing their own finances and overcoming the hurdles to securing permanent accommodation
  • advance education and provide facilities in the interest of social welfare with the objective of improving the conditions of life for homeless people
  • training clients  and supporting ex-clients in the development of a range of skills which enable them  to take responsibility for managing their affairs, their well-being and succeed in retaining permanent accommodation.




We operate according to the following key values which are reflected in our policies relating to our equality and diversity policy and working with vulnerable adults.


  • Respectful - we believe everyone deserves respect, dignity and for their human rights to be upheld.
  • Ambitious - we have high ambitions for our clients. We also aim for ongoing improvement of our existing services and development of new initiatives to meet our goals and vision.
  • Caring - we provide our clients with more than shelter; we let them know that we care about them and their future.
  • Inclusive - our services are made accessible to all.
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Our hostels provide a lifeline to single people experiencing homelessness who are over 18 but do not fall within the statutory duty of care of local authorities.
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