My road to recovery


Paul was 16 years old when he started to drink most weekends with friends, which soon progressed into dabbling with drink and drugs socially.  It wasn’t long before this escalated to weekdays to and then it spiralled out of control.  Paul was living at his sisters at the time. 

His lifestyle became chaotic and as time went by his addiction to drugs and alcohol increased to the extent that Paul himself recognised that he had to seek help from a specialist service that specialised in helping people with their addictions.


Paul started to engage with Spectrum in Stevenage the alcohol and Drug specialist service.  Even though he was attending this service Paul couldn’t seem to address the issue and the addiction slowly took over his life. 


Paul’s chaotic lifestyle had over the months caused major problems with his sister which resulted in his sister asking Paul to leave.  Paul then went on to sofa surf with friends.  After a couple of months the reality of sofa surfing hit hard, Paul was beginning to struggle to find that sofa to lye his weary head. Finally Paul began to engage more with Spectrum and asked them for the support needed to find more suitable accommodation. 


A referral was made to the Haven.


“This is where my life changed, without the Haven I truly believe that I would be in the gutter.  The staff at the Haven are brilliant; they truly care about what happens to you.  Without them I could never have turned my life around”.


Paul accessed the project and engaged well with staff.  Paul kept all his appointments with Spectrum who worked closely with Paul’s Key Workers to ensure that the necessary support package was offered to Paul allowing him to make the necessary changes to help with his recovery. 


Paul was then offered the funding for his detox programme at Passmores Rehabilitation Centre. 


Paul completed his detox programme and carried on engaging with the support network that was put in place prior to attending the detox programme. He met regularly with support groups at Spectrum and continued his counselling sessions.


My Road To Recovery


“My road to recovery was as simple as being given the opportunity to access the Haven.  I learned that the doors of opportunity had been opened for me and it was up to me take those opportunities.  This was made so much easier with the help and support of the staff at the Haven.”


Paul has now moved on from the Haven into his own one bed roomed flat. Paul continues to receive support from the Haven which allows him to continue with his road to recovery.  Paul is now managing and organising his life with positive outcomes and is ready to reduce the support he receives.

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